Natural Science (NS) Electives

The Natural Science (NS) elective list applies to Mechanical and Industrial engineering students.

If you have any questions regarding NS courses or the best time to take them during your academic career, please contact your Academic Advisor.

Natural Sciences are defined by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) as “The natural sciences component of the curriculum must include elements of physics and chemistry; elements of life sciences and earth sciences may also be included in this category. These subjects are intended to impart an understanding of natural phenomena and relationships through the use of analytical and/or experimental techniques.”

The Faculty of Arts & Science uses “distribution” requirements (for students pre-2010) and “breadth” requirements for students post-2010.  The breadths include:

    • Creative and cultural representations
    • Thought, belief and behaviour
    • Society and its institutions
    • Living things and their environment
    • The physical and mathematical universes

Courses with a Breadth, BR = 1, 2 and 3 are not acceptable, regardless of program or prefix.  Also, mathematics courses are not acceptable as NS electives

The student is responsible to ensure they meet the prerequisites (if any).

Approved Natural Science Courses:

Dept/Faculty Offering Course Code Title
Anatomy ANA300Y1 Human Anat Histol
Anatomy ANA301H1 Human Embryology
Astronomy AST121H1 Origin Evol Universe
Astronomy AST221H1 Stars and Planets
Astronomy AST251H1 Life on Other Worlds
Biochemistry BCH210H1 Biochemistry I
Biochemistry BCH242Y1 Biochemistry
Biochemistry BCH299Y1 Rsch Opportunity Prg
Biochemistry BCH310H1 Intro Biochemistry
Biochemistry BCH311H1 Biochemistry II
Biochemistry BCH340H1 Proteins
Biochemistry BCH370H1 Biochem Lab Techniq
Biochemistry BCH371H1 Biochemistry Lab
Biochemistry BCH372Y1 Summer Research
Biochemistry BCH373H1 Research Project I
Biochemistry BCH375H1 Research Project II
Biochemistry BCH377H1 Biochemistry Lab I
Biochemistry BCH378H1 Biochemistry Lab II
Biochemistry BCH422H1 Membrane Proteins
Biochemistry BCH425H1 Structural Biology
Biochemistry BCH426H1 Signals in Metabol
Biochemistry BCH427H1 Molecular Biophysics
Biochemistry BCH440H1 Protein Biosynthesis
Biochemistry BCH441H1 Bioinformatics
Biochemistry BCH444H1 Protein Trafficking
Biochemistry BCH445H1 Cell Organelles
Biochemistry BCH446H1 Cell Surface Dynamics
Biochemistry BCH447H1 Molecular Evolution
Biochemistry BCH448H1 S&F of the Nucleus
Biochemistry BCH471Y1 Advanced Laboratory
Biochemistry BCH472Y1 Adv Summer Project
Biochemistry BCH473Y1 Biochem Research
Biochemistry BCH479H1 Biochemistry Seminar
Biology BIO120H1 Adaptation & Biodiv
Biology BIO230H1 Genes to Organisms
Engineering CHE353H1 Engineering Biology
Chemistry CHM138H1 Intro Org Chemistry I
Chemistry CHM151Y1 Chemistry: Molec Sci
Chemistry CHM210H1 Chem Enviro Change
Engineering CIV220H1 Urban Engineering Ecology
Engineering CIV300H1 Terrestrial Energy Systems
Cell and Systems Biology CSB200Y1 Topics in Molec Bio
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology EEB202H1 Plants & Society
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology EEB216H1 Marine Mammal Bio
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology EEB255H1 Intro Conserv Biol
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology EEB384H1 Biol Amphibians
School of the Enrivonment ENV234H1 Env Biol: Ecosystems
School of the Enrivonment ENV235H1 Physics & Environtment
School of the Enrivonment ENV299Y1 Rsch Opportunity Prg
Forestry FOR300H1 For Prod in Sust For
Forestry FOR301H1 Field Methods in For Cons
Forestry FOR305H1 Bio of Trees & Forests
Forestry FOR307H1 For Insect Ecology & Man
Geography GGR100H1 Intro Phy Geography
Geography GGR101H1 Ancient Civ Environ
Geography GGR201H1 Geomorphology
Geography GGR203H1 Intro Climatology
Geography GGR205H1 Intro to Soil Sci
Geography GGR206H1 Intro Hydrology
Geography GGR303H1 Clim Bio Interact
Geography GGR305H1 Biogeography
Geography GGR307H1 Soil and Water: Landscape Processes
Geography GGR308H1 Phys Aspect Cdn Arct
Geography GGR333H1 Energy Supply and Use
Geography GGR337H1 Enviro Remote Sensing
Geology GLG102H1 Earth Science
Geology GLG103H1 Geol in Public Issue
Geology GLG105H1 Evolutn of the Earth
Geology GLG110H1 Introductory Geology
Geology GLG130H1 Explor Solar System
Geology GLG202H1 Intro Geochemistry
Geology GLG205H1 Confront Global Chng
Geology GLG206H1 Earth Materials
Geology GLG207H1 Rock Processes
Geology GLG216H1 Dynamic Geology
Geology GLG217H1 Earth Evolution
Human Biology HMB200H1 Neuroscience
Human Biology HMB201H1 Intro Genes Biotech
Human Biology HMB202H1 Intro Health Disease
Human Biology HMB203H1 Intro Global Health
Human Biology HMB205H1 Sci Controver Miscon
Human Biology HMB220H1 Intro to Hum Behav
Human Biology HMB265H1 General & Human Genetics
Immunology IMM250H1 Immunity & Infection
Joint Courses JEP100H1 Sex & Sexual Health
Joint Courses JGE236H1 Human Interaction
Joint Courses JOP210H1 Holography for 3D Visualization
Nutritional Science NFS284H1 Basic Human Nutrition
Nutritional Science NFS484H1 Advanced Nutrition
Physics PHY224H1 Practical Physics I
Physics PHY231H1 Physics Living Sys
Physics PHY252H1 Thermal Physics
Physics PHY256H1 Intro Quantum Physic
Physiology PSL190H1 Physiology
Physiology PSL201Y1 Physiology
Physiology PSL280H1 Intro Marine Mammal
Psychology PSY100H1 Intro Psychology   (for MEC only)