Course Timetables

U of T uses Timetable Builder to display course timetables across various faculties and departments. Please refer to Timetable Builder when making your schedule. Engineering students also have access to the U of T Engineering Course Timetable which displays the engineering courses that are offered each term.

Timetable Builder is available to all U of T students to help them prepare for course enrolment. It contains course information including day and times, location, instructors and availability. Timetable Builder allows you to search for courses and build potential timetables by adding lectures, tutorials and labs to a mock timetable.

Timetable Builder is regularly updated every few hours to reflect any changes made in ACORN. However, it may not display real-time information.

Please note that Timetable Builder is not connected to your ACORN account and will not enrol you in courses. Students may enrol in courses through ACORN.

U of T Engineering Course Timetables

2024-2025 Engineering Course Timetable

Please be aware that the Engineering Course Timetable is subject to changes. During the first two weeks of classes, students are strongly recommended to regularly review the timetable for any changes.

Courses offered for the summer terms are also added to the course timetable before the course enrolment dates.

U of T Non-Engineering Course Timetables

For non-engineering course timetables, including courses from the Faculty of Arts & Science, visit Timetable Builder for course information.

Please ensure that you schedule elective courses around your core Engineering requirements.