Attending Class

Students walking in TorontoLectures begin on September 5. For information about the start days for tutorials and practicals visit Quercus. Detailed campus maps are also available online.

What should I expect in my courses?
You can expect your studies — classes, problem sets, studying and quizzes — to take about 50–60 hours per week. Some courses may also require you to complete reports and assignments. Midterm tests will let you know how well you understand the material.

How can I find out more about my courses?
Brief descriptions of first-year courses are available in the Academic Calendar. To see which courses you will be enrolled in during your first year, please refer to the Engineering Programs section of the Academic Calendar.

Each course runs for four months and has a final exam or assignment at the end. Most of your classes will take place in buildings within the Engineering Complex, each located within a few minutes of one another.

Each of your courses can include up to three components.

Students attending a practicalLectures are typically three hours per week (usually divided into two or three meetings per week, with the exception of seminar courses) and taught by distinguished faculty members.

Tutorials allow you to ask questions in a more informal and interactive atmosphere. They are at least one hour in length and led by a teaching assistant (TA) who is pursuing graduate studies at U of T.

Practicals (often referred to as “labs”) allow for group work or work with partners depending on the nature of the course. Some courses include a two- or three-hour practical every other week.

For more detailed information on your courses, upper-year courses and academic policies, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

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