First Year News Feed July 31, 2020: Timetables & First Year Town Hall

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Timetables have been posted in ACORN, and in this week’s News Feed we’ll share a few important details about these. We would also like to invite you to some live online events next week for first-years, and introduce you to a resource called the First Year Hub. In this week’s Student Blog, Mirjana looks ahead to opportunities you can think about for the summer after your first year. 

We also have an update on the Math Self-Assessment Quizzes that are mentioned in the Guide to First Year – these will be sent to you by email later than originally scheduled (you will still have plenty of time to complete them, don’t worry!). More info to come in future News Feeds. 

If you haven’t already, please be sure to read your Guide to First Year, follow us on Twitter and if you have questions and want to connect with us, in addition to the live events mentioned below you can reach us by email or through our Live Chat service.

Note that the University, including the First Year Office, will be closed for the Civic Holiday on Monday, August 3.  

We hope that you have wonderful long weekend!  

The First Year Office Team  
(JesusMiracle, Jennifer, Leslie, Emzhei, Nadika & Hannah)   

P.S. Not joining U of T Engineering? If your plans have changed, please notify our Admissions Office at  

P.P.S. If you are planning to register for the student-run engineering orientation week, be sure to do so before August 4 to guarantee your F!rosh kit before F!rosh week begins. Register and get more details at  


Your course timetable should now be available to view in ACORN. As outlined in the recent Dean’s Message, the Faculty’s remote access guarantee means that none of your classes will require you to be present on campus in either the 2020 Fall term or 2021 Winter term, as all courses will be offered online. Your instructors will clarify how exactly the course meetings will be conducted, but any synchronous course meetings will be recorded for later viewing for those who are not able to attend live. You can find more information on Fall and Winter Term courses in the updated Undergraduate FAQs.

First-year schedules cannot be rearranged for personal preferences. However, if religious, medical, time zone, or other important accommodations need to be made, we will work to accommodate your request. We will provide instructions on how you can request timetable changes in next week’s News Feed. Please note that there may be some further changes to your timetable in the coming week as our scheduling team works to resolve a few known issues. 

Since Fall and Winter term classes will be held online, the University’s Office of the Vice-Provost, Students has put together a comprehensive Recommended Technology Requirements page that you should review before the school year starts. 

*Not 100% certain which courses you should be enrolled in? Your courses are listed by program in the Guide to First Year and in the Faculty’s Academic Calendar (in the “Engineering Programs” section).

First Year Town Hall Event

Are you still wondering how the pandemic will impact your first-year U of T Engineering classes in September? Not sure what the “remote access guarantee” means? Unclear on the difference between “synchronous” and “asynchronous” classes? 

While official updates are being posted regularly, we know many of you may still have questions. Get the most current information and advice, explained by our Faculty Registrar Don MacMillan and Associate Director, First Year Programs Leslie Grife at a First Year Town Hall next week. 

These online Town Hall events will be held regularly to provide a forum for communication between first-year students and U of T staff. Town Halls will include a brief presentation with detailed answers to common questions, and will give you the opportunity to clarify and share feedback directly. You can also submit questions in advance when registering. 

Please register online using the bolded links for the session that applies to you: 

First Year Hub & Upper-Year Office Hour
First Year Hub
We’d like to introduce you to our new First Year Hub, a resource that we encourage you to explore on Quercus. Quercus is U of T’s Learning Management System, an online space that you will use daily during your time as a student at U of T (those of you who have been participating in the UTEA will be very familiar with Quercus already!). Once the semester begins, online classes, lecture videos, course content, assignments, grades, and any announcements from your instructors will be posted here, so it’s wise to get familiar with it early! 

The First Year Hub is a space that has been created on Quercus by the First Year Office team with the help of current upper-year students, which will be a place that you can find important links, info and announcements, and online first-year community events throughout the year. Please feel free to explore – content is being added regularly over the coming weeks. 

Upper-Year Office Hour 
On Tuesday, August 4 from 10-11 a.m. EDT you can drop by the First Year Hub for a live “Upper-Year Office Hour”, where you can chat with Mirjana (our Student Blogger) and Sarah (one of our International E-Buddies) and ask any questions that you might have for them (e.g. How do they suggest you get involved with clubs/teams/extracurriculars this year? What do they do for fun? What study tips can they share?)!  

How to attend: Simply log in to Quercus with your JOINid/UTORid, select the First Year Hub, go to the “Bb Collaborate” section on the menu on the left-hand side, and choose the “Upper-Year Office Hour” option. You will be able to join the session with video and/or audio, or the chat feature if you prefer. 

The First Year Office team periodically updates our Frequently Asked Questions page, and you’re always welcome to email us or use our live chat during office hours for questions that you can’t find answers to.  

In addition, given the ongoing pandemic, there are a lot of details still being confirmed for the upcoming year which are being communicated as they are determined. Be sure to monitor your email regularly for official updates, and you can also check the following authoritative pages for current information:  

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