First Year News Feed July 17, 2020: Tuition Fees, Events & Scholarship Opportunities

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In this week’s edition of the First Year News Feed, we have some updates about tuition fees, and we have shared some upcoming events and info on scholarship opportunities that might be of interest to you. This week in the Student Blog, Mirjana has put together Getting Involved in Skule – Part 2: Clubs, Sports, Design Teams, Volunteering.  

Also, for those of you who require academic accommodations, today (July 17) is the deadline to register for Accessibility Services to ensure you have access to accommodations for the start of classes!  

If you haven’t already, please be sure to read your  Guide to First Year, follow us on Twitter and if you have questions and want to connect with us, you can reach us by email or through our Live Chat service.

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P.S. Not joining U of T Engineering? If your plans have changed, please notify our Admissions Office at

Tuition Fees

As you may already have seen in your ACORN account, tuition fees will be posted soon for the upcoming academic year. The deadline to register is August 20. In order to register, you need to either make a tuition payment, or defer your fees (if applicable). See the Student Accounts website for further details. 

Students who are receiving Faculty or University scholarships (scholarship notifications were sent out in March or May) will see those applied as credits on their ACORN invoice during the fall semester, prior to October 15 (you will not see the scholarship on ACORN this summer). If you are receiving a scholarship, please deduct that amount from your minimum payment to register. 

If you are an international student, you might not yet see your University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) charges on your invoice, but this will be added soon. The UHIP plan can also be added on request for domestic students who have not been living in Canada and are not yet covered by the government’s Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). International students who will not be in Canada are also eligible to opt-out of UHIP for the time that they are away. For more information please see the UHIP website.  

Upcoming Events
Here is a selection of events that you might be interested in! All events are online, and are free unless otherwise indicated. 

  • Rewriting the Guide to Self-Care for and by First-Year International Engineering Students: Self-care means taking time to do things that you enjoy or that make you feel better. Come meet Melissa Fernandes, U of T Engineering’s Mental Health Programs Officer at this online workshop, and learn a bit more about what self-care can look like as an international engineering student! Monday, July 20, 8 – 9:30 a.m. EDT. Please register online
  • 5 Ways to Well-Being: Learn how to apply five simple, evidence-based actions in a variety of ways to promote positive mental health and wellbeing while practicing physical distancing and managing new stressors related to COVID-19. This interactive online session from U of T Student Life introduces a cluster of activities that promote resiliency and reduce stress. Wednesday, July 22, 12 – 1:30 p.m. EDT. Please register online
  • Reconciliation: Walking the Path of Indigenous Allyship: This one-hour webinar explores the steps to walking the path of allyship with Indigenous peoples. Wednesday, July 22, 1 – 2:00 p.m. EDT. Please register online.  
  • Stories from a Distance- Being Together While Apart: This virtual space (over Zoom sessions) is created by and for students looking to invest in meaningful connections over the Summer through themed daily drop-in sessions. New activities week to week including a virtual game night and trivia night. You can learn more at  
  • First Year Foundations: It’s not too late to register for many upcoming free and paid First Year Foundations summer programs, including the week-long Computer ProgrammingEngineering Design 101 and Engineering Problem Solving & Mathematics online experiences. 
Scholarship Opportunities

Although in most cases engineering students are considered automatically for scholarships (for example, all entrance scholarships are awarded during the admissions process; these will be paid in the Fall Term once the student is officially registered), there are some opportunities that require a separate application. We will highlight them in the News Feed from time to time, and you can also find scholarships listed on the Faculty’s Scholarships and Awards webpage

The scholarship below is available to newly accepted first-year students. If you feel you qualify, please submit a letter to (max. 250 words) to explain how you qualify. Letters must be submitted by July 31, 2020. Please include the subject line in your email “Stanley Timoshek Scholarship” when you submit your letter. 

Stanley Timoshek Scholarship in Engineering 
Award is granted to an international student from Poland admitted to first year of studies in any program at U of T Engineering. If there are no eligible international students from Poland, the scholarship will be given to a domestic student (preference given to Polish-Canadian candidates) admitted to first year of studies in any program. The award is granted on the basis of outstanding achievements in high school and has a scholarship value of $14,090.  

The First Year Office team periodically updates our Frequently Asked Questions page, and you’re always welcome to email us or use our live chat during office hours for questions that you can’t find answers to.  

In addition, given the ongoing pandemic, there are a lot of details still being confirmed for the upcoming year which are being communicated as they are determined. Be sure to monitor your email regularly for official updates, and you can also check the following authoritative pages for current information:  

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