COVID-19 Grief & Loss Workshop

March 30, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Online event
Family Care Office

Grief is a natural response to loss. During the current global pandemic many people are experiencing a comprehensive spectrum of loss: the loss of loved ones, going to the office or school, social connections, a sense of normalcy, physical and financial security etc.

This session will help participants understand grief and loss and equip them with strategies to respond to and cope with the particular losses brought about by the pandemic.


  • Understand what grief is within the context of COVID-19.
  •  Recognize how grief and loss manifest themselves.
  • Learn about healthy ways of coping with grief.
  • Recognize barriers to grieving.
  • Learn how to support a grieving person.

Open to students, staff and faculty.

Register online.

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