Adapting to Changing Plans & Career Uncertainty

July 30, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Student Life

COVID-19 has many of us worried. You may anxious about your finances, struggling to find motivation, or may just have difficulty connecting with friends and family.

You are not alone. Early research has shown that physical distancing measures and stressors related to COVID-19 have been associated with worsening mental health outcomes. A survey that crowd-sourced responses from 46,000 Canadians, showed that two-thirds (64%) of those aged 15 to 24 reported a negative impact on mental health, post physical distancing.

To support you, Health & Wellness is launching a peer-to-peer support group, where you can find advice, community, and someone to listen. The Community Support Group will run weekly themed sessions that run an hour and a half long. In a typical session, you will hear from an expert on a select topic, have a chance to chat with your peers and ask questions, learn about different resources, and also just have fun.

Let’s chat, find community, and grow together.

This week’s theme is Adapting to Changing Plans and Career Uncertainty.

The COVID-19 pandemic makes it difficult to have a plan. The job market has changed, and you may now struggle to find opportunity where you once did. Whether you are looking for a career out of school or a part time job while you study, it can be confusing and uncomfortable. To navigate these challenges, Sania Hameed from the Centre for Career Exploration & Education will introduce us through some tips and tricks. Then, we’ll have a chance to chat through some individual concerns and get connected to useful community resources.

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