First Year News Feed July 24, 2020: Technology Requirements & University Prep Series

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In this week’s edition of the First Year News Feed, we would like to share details on the technology you should have for the upcoming year, and introduce you to U of T’s University Prep Series. This week in the Student Blog, Mirjana introduces you to some of the great things about life beyond engineering, including beautiful Hart House

Also, we know that many of you have questions about timetables – they will be posted on ACORN in early August.   

If you haven’t already, please be sure to read your Guide to First Year, follow us on Twitter and if you have questions and want to connect with us, you can reach us by email or through our Live Chat service.

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Technology Requirements
Since Fall and Winter term classes will be held online, the University’s Office of the Vice-Provost, Students has put together a comprehensive Recommended Technology Requirements page that outlines what kind of computer, internet service, and accessories you should plan to have before the school year starts. The page also includes FAQs, information about U of T VPNs, and details on software that you can access through your U of T account. 

The First Year Office has also put together a list of online tools for first year that you can start to familiarize yourself with before classes begin.   

University Prep Series

Ready, set, University Prep! Join other U of T students and experts from the Academic Success Centre for the University Prep Series, 3 mini courses that will help support your academic success at university. Topics include: Introduction to University Resources & Supports, Effective Learning and Study Habits, and University Style Time Management and Organization.

There are multiple online sessions available starting on August 17. Visit the University Prep page for specific times.

To register for University Prep Workshops, log in to CLNx, select Events & Workshops on the left and select the St. George Academic Success Events & Workshops calendar. Choose the session(s) you want to attend.

For an engineering-specific academic prep experience, you can also check out the First Year Office’s First Year Foundations programs that we offer throughout the rest of the summer (including our Engineering Study Skills session on August 13)!

Upcoming Opportunities & Events

Here is a selection of opportunities and events that you might be interested in! All events are online, and are free unless otherwise indicated. 

  • Preparing for Your First Year as an International Student: In this interactive workshop, you will get to know your First-Year E-Buddies, learn about the tools and resources available to you as a U of T Engineering International student, and get to know other students as you prepare for your first-year of studies. Thursday, July 30, 2020 from 9:00am – 10:30am EDT. Please register online. 
  • An opportunity for undergraduate students to enroll in Bachelor of Information Courses: The Faculty of Information offers courses focused on interactions between information technologies and social worlds, providing conceptual tools and practical techniques necessary to understand and effect change in a data-intensive society by integrating design thinking and critical scholarship. If you are enrolled in an Early Start course and this area is of interest to you, please connect with your Academic Advisor for more information.  

  • Stories from a Distance- Being Together While Apart: This virtual space (over Zoom sessions) is created by and for students looking to invest in meaningful connections over the Summer through themed daily drop-in sessions. New activities week to week including a virtual game night and trivia night. You can learn more at  

  • U of T Engineering’s Orientation Week, also known as F!rosh week, is a major social highlight of the U of T Engineering experience and will be held from September 7-13, 2020. Registration for this optional but recommended experience is now open!

Fireside Chat for Family and Supporters

July 29 & August 26 | 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. (EDT)

A friendly reminder to join us for a Fireside Chat next week and in August where your family and supporters will have the opportunity to stay informed about plans for the Fall, what to expect moving forward and the plans for our incoming class. Each session will cover what has been going on up until then, and highlight what’s to come.

The First Year Office team periodically updates our Frequently Asked Questions page, and you’re always welcome to email us or use our live chat during office hours for questions that you can’t find answers to.  

In addition, given the ongoing pandemic, there are a lot of details still being confirmed for the upcoming year which are being communicated as they are determined. Be sure to monitor your email regularly for official updates, and you can also check the following authoritative pages for current information:  

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