Your Timetable

Check Your Timetable

Students on St. George campusYour timetable will be posted in ACORN in early August. You are responsible for knowing your class schedule and attending all scheduled lectures, practicals (labs) and tutorials. Typically, classes are scheduled between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. (approximately 30 hours of class per week).

I have back-to-back classes in different buildings. Can I get from one to the other on time?

Yes! Your professor will wait until 10 minutes past the hour before beginning his or her lecture to allow students enough time to travel between classes. This buffer is often referred to as “U of T time.”

My timetable lists three rooms for my practical – am I supposed to go to all of them?

No. During the first week of classes, your instructor will assign you to one room.