Connect With Resources

Engineering Communication officeEngineering Communication Program (ECP)

The Engineering Communication Program (ECP)helps students improve their written and oral communication skills by offering additional credit and non-credit courses as well as one-on-one appointments. Online resources are also available. The ECP office is located in room B670 of the Sandford Fleming Building.

Skule Tutors

Sometimes getting additional one-on-one assistance from a tutor can help you better understand course materials. Your instructors may also be a great resource to help you connect with a tutor for a particular subject.

Math Aid Office

If you find you’re struggling with calculus or algebra, U of T Engineering has a drop-in math help centre to assist you (Galbraith Building, room 149). The Math Aid Office is specifically geared toward helping first-year students.

Peer-Assisted Study Sessions

Many courses have weekly study groups that are led by upper-year students. These groups allow you to learn, practice and study outside of a traditional classroom setting.

Mentorship Opportunities in Engineering

The Faculty offers a variety of mentorship and coaching opportunities for undergraduates, which include the Skule Mentorship Program and TrackOne Community. Your undergraduate department is also a great place to consult for additional coaching and mentorship opportunities.

Additional Questions

Have a question or concern, but don’t know who to talk to? The First Year Office should be your starting point.

Transition Resources for International Students

We have developed a number of resources for incoming international students and students new to Canada.

Advisor speaking with a studentThe 2T0 Blog is a great way to find out what to expect when you arrive in Canada and to solicit advice from upper year students, and to learn about the vibrant U of T Engineering community.

Participate in our First Year Foundations summer courses, which include Success 101 and our Academic Orientation Sessions, to learn about time management, study skills, classroom etiquette and much more. Some of the courses are available online during the summer.

Orientation events are scheduled for late August and early September. The events are designed to welcome and inform new international students, new permanent residents and Canadian citizens who have been living abroad.

Soon after arriving in Canada, all international students must meet with their transition advisor. Please email the First Year Office to schedule an appointment or discuss online advising options.

Embedded Advisors

Engineering students can take advantage of the services of University experts who provide specialized advising in the following areas:

Interested students can connect with the advisors through the First Year Office.