Online Chemistry From a Materials Perspective

APS164H1: Introductory Chemistry from a Materials Perspective is a course that covers topics fundamental to all engineering disciplines, and in fact to almost every branch of scientific study.

With an emphasis on solid material, this course looks into why materials around us behave the way they do. From more familiar topics such as how materials respond to loads to topics that are perhaps less familiar, such as the requirements for optical transparency this course aims to equip students with knowledge of the underlying structures of matter, beginning at the atomic scale, that can help to explain mechanical, optical, electrical, corrosive, and other properties of matter.

This course also includes an exciting perform-at-home lab component in which students will have the opportunity to explore some fascinating properties of matter in a hands-on, memorable manner.

As APS164H1 explores fundamental topics of chemistry and materials science it is considered equivalent to MSE101H1: Applied Science: Materials and APS110H1: Engineering Chemistry & Materials Science.

Things to consider about taking an online course:

    • Are you able to take initiative, manage your time and work independently?
    • Are you interested in being able to have increased flexibility in your timetable?
    • Do you feel comfortable emailing an instructor or the First Year Office if you need further assistance?
    • Do you have the self-discipline to keep up with the lecture content and course work without regular in-person classes?
    • If you find that the online course experience is not for you, or you are struggling with the course content, you will be allowed to drop the online course and re-enter the in-class version with no repercussions. The deadline to do this in the winter 2018 semester is January 17, 2018. Dropping the course will not impact your academic record.

We are happy to help you with any additional questions that you may have about this decision in the First Year Office in GB 170. We can also be reached at 416-978-4625 or

To Register:

  • Current U of T Engineering students: Email from your ACORN-listed email address with the subject line “Course Enrolment Request“. The email should contain your full name, student number and a brief note clarifying which course you wish to enrol in.
  • Students from other universities: Please contact the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office at to register for this course as a visiting student.

*Unfortunately, Engineering Science students may not register in APS164H1, as the course does not meet the needs of the Engineering Science curriculum.*

Registration for the winter 2018 offering of this course is open until January 17, 2018.