Online Calculus

  • APS162H1: Calculus for Engineers I is the online equivalent to MAT186H1F: Calculus I, the introductory calculus course taken by all Core 8 engineering students. APS162H1 is offered in a condensed format during the summer S session (July – August).
  • APS163H1: Calculus for Engineers II is the online equivalent to MAT187H1S: Calculus II course, which is a continuation of MAT186H1/APS162H1. Students who have successfully completed (or are currently completing) Calculus I (MAT186H1F/APS162H1F/S for U of T students, or equivalent courses at other institutions for non-U of T students) are eligible to enrol in APS163H1. This course is offered in a condensed format during the summer F session (May-June), and in regular full-semester format during the fall session (September-December).

The material studied in our in-class and online courses are the same. However, there are two important differences between the online and the in-class courses. First, many topics in the online courses will be introduced with specific real-world applications and the courses will include a writing assignment in which you will apply the mathematics that you know to model a physical problem.

Second, the courses will be almost completely online. Lectures and examples will be available as videos accessed through the Blackboard Portal, the online discussion board Piazza will be a main tool for communicating with the instructor, and assignments will be submitted and returned electronically. Only the final exam will be held in person.

Online courses involve the same workload as their in-class counterparts, but will allow you to be flexible with your timetable (you can view lecture videos on your own schedule).

Read more details about online courses and whether they’re right for you, and view the video below to hear about how online calculus is different from in-person and what you should consider when choosing your calculus course.

Introductory video with Professor Shai Cohen


Current U of T Engineering Students who wish to enrol may request registration by emailing the First Year Office with their full name, student number and a quick note of confirmation listing the course you would like to be enrolled in. The deadline to add a course or switch between courses is found in the Academic Calendar under Sessional Dates.

Students from other universities should email the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office at to apply to enrol as a visiting student.

We are happy to help you with any additional questions that you may have about these courses in the First Year Office. We can be reached at 416-978-4625 or