Engineering Exam Jam

Are upcoming first-year exams stressing you out? Come to the Engineering Exam Jam on Thursday, December 7, 2017, from 10 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

There will be instructor-led exam review sessions, free healthy lunch and free de-stressing activities, including 10-minute massages, build-your-own roller coasters, crafts and board games!

Review Sessions

Time Event Location Description
10 – 11 am APS111 BA1160 Review with Prof. Bazylak, Prof. McCahan, Prof. Weiss, and Prof. O’Brien
11 am – 12 pm CHE112 SF1105 Review with Professor Phil Yaneff
11 am – 12 pm APS110/164 BA1160 Review with Professor Gisele Azimi
11 am – 12 pm MSE101 GB 120 Review with Professor Scott Ramsay
1 –   2 pm CIV100/APS160 SF1105 Review with Professor Kyle Tousignant
2 – 3 pm MAT186 BA1160 Review with Professor Dietrich Burbulla
3 – 4 pm MAT188 MC254 Review with Professor Ren Zhu
2 – 5 pm TA drop in office hours GB204 Courses: APS112 & CHE112

Free & Fun Activities

Time Event Location Description
10 am –    2 pm Massages The Pit Get a free 10 minute massage
10 am –    4 pm Board Games The Pit Play our games, or bring your own!
10 am –    4 pm Crafts & Colouring The Pit Get creative and have fun colouring!
12 – 1 pm Healthy Lunch The Pit Free and healthy lunch! (While supplies last)

(Vegan, Halal & Gluten-free options available)

12-1:30 pm Roller Coaster Challenge The Pit Build roller coasters with the Engineering & Computer Science Library team!