Fall & Winter Enrolment & Registration Guide 2017-2018

Welcome to course enrolment and registration

There are two stages you must complete to become a registered student for the 2017 Fall Session, which begins September 7: enrolment and registration.

Enrolment is the process of adding your courses and creating your personal timetable, although the Faculty automatically adds courses for some students; registration confirms your enrolment. To register, you must either pay the minimum amount to register for the session or defer your fees.

First-year students are not required to participate in the course enrolment process; your courses will be added for you. The First Year Office will send you instructions on how to view your timetable and tuition invoice.

Students who enrol in courses agree, by virtue of that enrolment, to abide by all of the academic and non-academic policies, rules and regulations of the University and of his or her academic division, as set out in the divisional calendar, and confirm responsibility for payment of associated fees, and agree to ensure that the accuracy of personal information such as the current mailing address, telephone number, and utoronto.ca email address is maintained.

Your registration is not complete until you have paid tuition and incidental fees, or have made appropriate arrangements to defer those fees. Students who defer fee payment or whose payment is deferred pending receipt of OSAP or other awards, acknowledge they continue to be responsible for payment of all charges, including any service charges that may be assessed. For details visit Student Accounts.

Student registration checklist

  1. Read this guide and acquaint yourself with the Academic Calendar, especially your curriculum requirements for your academic year
  2. Update your personal information in ACORN
  3. View personal timetable in ACORN
  4. View available courses in the Engineering timetable
  5. Note the enrolment start-time later on this page
  6. Enrol in courses (as needed)
  7. Pay or defer your fees by August 17
  8. Monitor registration status on ACORN ; must be registered by August 31
  9. Confirm your schedule and check online timetable for any updates
  10. Attend class regularly; classes begin September 7 for Engineering lectures and September 7 for Arts & Science (A&S) courses

Enrolment dates

July 19 First day Engineering students may make changes to their personal timetables in SWS. Also the first day Engineering students may add A&S courses with reserved seating (6 a.m.) (See information on select HSS and CS courses)
Aug. 9 First day Engineering students may enrol in all A&S courses 
Aug. 3 Aug. 8
Aug. 10
No course enrolment (A&S)
Aug. 17 Last day to pay or defer fees for the Fall Session
 Aug. 31  Courses removed for non-registered students

Other important dates and deadlines:

Mid-July Fees will be assessed and appear in ACORN
Sept. 5 Orientation programs for first-year students begin
Sept. 7 Engineering lectures for F and Y session courses begin
Sept. 7 A&S lectures in F and Y session courses begin
Sept. 15 Last day waitlists are operational
Sept. 20 Last day for students to add or substitute F or Y courses in SWS
Sept. 20-27 Late enrolment for Y session courses (must be done at the Office of the Registrar)
Nov. 30 Deadline to pay Winter Session fees
Jan. 14 Last day waitlists are operational for S courses
Jan. 17 Last day to add or substitute S session courses in the SWS

Additional dates and deadlines. For all Fall and Winter Session dates, please review the 2017-2018 Academic Calendar.


ACORN:  ACORN stands for “Accessible Campus Online Resource Network.” The student web service allows students to enrol in courses, check fees and finances and complete other records and registration tasks, such as making updates to address and contact information. To learn more about ACORN, visit Student Q&A.

Fee deferral: An arrangement made — prior to the payment deadline — between the student and the university to register the student without payment until a student loan or scholarship payment arrive. Arrangements are dependent upon proof of a student loan or incoming Faculty or U of T scholarship.

Lecture section: A traditional class in which an instructor gives lectures to students.

Tutorial: Smaller sections held to more fully explore and discuss issues raised during a lecture section.

Practical/lab section: A hands-on session held in a lab.

Academic deadline: The last date to drop a course from your academic record and GPA (grade point average). Academic deadlines are listed in the Academic Calendar.

Financial deadline: The last date to cancel (all courses) or drop (one or more but not all courses) for a refund. See the refund schedule for all financial deadlines.

CS electives: Complementary Studies (CS) are elective requirements in the Engineering curriculum. CS-eligible courses are broadly defined as studies in humanities, social sciences, arts, management, engineering economics and communication that complements technical curriculum. You may take these courses from the Faculty of Arts & Science. The process for adding courses from the Faculty of Arts & Science is described on this page.

HSS electives: A subset of Complimentary Studies electives, Humanities and Social Science (HSS) electives are requirements in the Engineering curriculum to take courses in the humanities and social sciences. You may take these courses from the Faculty of Arts & Science. The process for adding courses from the Faculty of Arts & Science is described in this guide.

Registration, fees and RESP forms

Beginning mid-July, you may check your balances in ACORN. The Office of Student Accounts explains how to make payments. In order to register, you are required to pay all previous outstanding tuition debts and Fall Session tuition.

Effective last year, you have the option to pay fees for the entire year (Fall and Winter Sessions) by the Fall session payment deadline or by individual session.

It takes approximately 5-10 business days for payments made at a Canadian financial institution to reach the University and appear in ACORN. Payments made from outside of Canada can take up to ten business days. If your status is not “Registered” by August 31, your courses will be removed from your schedule. Beginning October 15, a service charge of 1.5% per month compounded (19.56% per annum) will be applied to outstanding fees for the Fall Session. The service charge is applied even if you are waiting for additional funding from OSAP.

If you pay or defer your fees after August 17, you must show proof of payment or defer to the Office of the Registrar before August 31, or your registration will be cancelled.

International students who have recently become permanent residents of Canada or who qualify for an international fee exemptions should provide documentation of their status to the Office of the Registrar November 1. If documentation is provided in time, fees adjusted for the Fall Session.

Internal scholarships

If you received a scholarship from the Faculty or University, the funds will be applied against your fees prior to October 15. If there is a credit on your student account, a cheque for the balance will be mailed to you in November. Alternately, you can enter your direct deposit details in ACORN to have the credit transferred to your bank account.

Reinstatement fee

If your courses are removed from your schedule due to late payment, you will be charged a $61 reinstatement fee to register for your Engineering courses again (provided that spaces are still available in those courses). Reinstatement in Arts & Science courses and popular Engineering elective courses (e.g. JRE300H1) is unlikely due to space limitations.

RESP Forms

If you have a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) form that you need the Faculty to fill out, please submit it to the Office of the Registrar (GB157 or registr@ecf.utoronto.ca) by July 1, and it will be processed and mailed to your RESP company by July 25. If your bank or RESP company does not provide you with a form, but requires a letter that confirms your enrolment or registration, please submit a Confirmation of Enrolment letter request.

Instructions for using ACORN

Similar to other U of  T systems like Blackboard Portal or Degree Explorer, you will use your UTORID and password to log into ACORN.

For returning students, if you continue to use ROSI during the transition period to ACORN, you will require your student number and PIN to login.

For a further information, please visit ACORN’s Student Q&A.

Courses and timetables


The Engineering Course Timetable shows the dates and times when a course — including lectures, labs and/or tutorials — will take place. Your personal timetable contains your personal schedule of the courses that you are enrolled in.

Complete course dates, times and other timetable details can also be found through the University’s course finder service.

General course enrolment information

You will be able to view your course timetables in ACORN/ROSI in mid-July. Upper-year students who need to add Engineering core, technical and elective courses (including APS and JRE courses), or who would like to add a CS/HSS elective from the Enhanced Enrolment list from the Faculty of Arts & Science can make these changes on July 19 at 6:00 a.m. Upper-year students who need to add courses from the Faculty of Arts & Science may do so on August 9 at 6:00 a.m.

Second-year full-time students

If you are a second-year student, you do not need to enrol in your core courses; the Office of the Registrar will create a timetable for you. However, if you need to add HSS or CS electives, you may do so in ACORN by adding Engineering courses and Enhanced Enrolment Arts & Science courses on July 19. All other Arts & Science courses may be added on August 9.

Third-year full-time students

ECE students

If you are an ECE student who participated in the pre-registration on Magellen last February, and you have a valid main profile, your course lecture sections will be automatically added in ACORN. You will only need to add your tutorial and/or lab sections in ACORN when it opens July 19; you may add Engineering courses and Enhanced Enrolment Arts & Science courses starting July 19, and all other Arts & Science courses on August 9.

Students in other programs

The Office of the Registrar will add all of your core courses, and, if applicable, any technical electives you selected in COS. If you did not participate in COS or want to make changes to your timetable, you may add Engineering courses and Enhanced Enrolment Arts & Science courses starting July 19 and all other Arts & Science courses on August 9.

Fourth-year full-time students

ECE students

If you are an ECE student who participated in the pre-registration on Magellen last February, and you have a valid main profile, your course lecture sections will be automatically pre-loaded for you in ACORN. You will only need to add your tutorial and/or lab sections in ACORN when it opens on July 19; you may add Engineering courses and Enhanced Enrolment Arts & Science courses starting July 19, and all other Arts & Science courses on August 9.

Students in other programs

The Office of the Registrar will add all of your core courses, and, if applicable, any technical electives you selected in COS. If you did not participate in COS or want to make changes to your timetable, you may add Engineering courses and Enhanced Enrolment Arts & Science courses starting on July 19, and all other Arts & Science courses on August 9.

Part-time degree students

Your maximum course load is 3.0 full credit equivalents (i.e. no more than 1.5 credit weights per session for the academic year). Tuition is charged per course, according to the Engineering per-course fees listed on the Student Accounts website. As a part-time degree student, you will follow the same registration procedures and deadlines as full-time students.

If you are an OSAP recipient and you have switched from full-time to part-time studies (below a 60 per cent course load), you may have to start repaying your loans. Please consult the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Make note of the refund schedule for deadlines to drop courses and receive a refund for tuition fees. ACORN/ROSI access fees apply to all students who access ACORN/ROSI for course enrolment; these fees are not refundable.

Part-time visiting or non-degree students

Did you graduate last June? If so, you may be able to enrol in Arts & Science or Engineering courses for the upcoming school year as a part-time non-degree student. Course availability may be restricted due to space, required prerequisites or other restrictions. Contact ask@ecf.utoronto.ca or 416-978-0120 for more information.

If you are a domestic student (Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or refugee claimants) and want to attend our Faculty as a visiting non-degree student, all of your course enrolment must be pre-approved by the appropriate Engineering department. Factors that will be assessed include prerequisites, space availability and proof of English Facility (if required). This will be facilitated by the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office. Please contact them at ask@ecf.utoronto.ca or 416-978-0120.

Incoming international exchange

Course enrolment for incoming exchange students must be pre-approved and carried out by both the Centre for International Experience (CIE) and the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office. If you have questions regarding your course enrolment, please contact the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office at evss@ecf.utoronto.ca. Alternatively, you can contact the Centre for International Experience at student.exchange@utoronto.ca. The Faculty will assist you with adding your pre-approved courses and facilitate new course requests. Additional information on next steps will be emailed to you.

PEY students

If you are beginning your Professional Experience Year (PEY) internship program work term, the course code “PEY 500Y1” will be added to your timetable. Fees associated with the PEY program will be charged to your student account. You still need to follow the same registration procedures and deadlines as other students.

While you are participating in PEY, you are considered a part-time student. Arts & Science electives can be added on August 9 (July 19 for Enhanced Enrolment Arts & Science courses), however, it is strongly recommended that you discuss the possibility of adding courses to your schedule with the PEY Office and your Academic Advisor prior to enrolling in any.

As a student on PEY, you may not take courses in excess of a part-time course load or enrol in technical electives unless they have received written permission from both your Academic Advisor and the PEY Office.

PEY students must pay their PEY placement fees and course fees (if applicable) by August 18.

HSS and CS electives

If your program curriculum requires a Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) elective or a Complimentary Studies (CS) elective, you may add an approved Engineering course or Enhanced Enrolment Arts & Science course on July 19, or any other approved Arts & Science course on August 9 through your ACORN/ROSI account.

Avoid adding courses that conflict with your core Engineering courses. Please ensure you have met all the requirements to take an elective course for academic credit, including, but not limited to prerequisites, before enrolling. Failure to do so will incur financial and academic penalties.

Enhanced enrolment in select Faculty of Arts & Science courses

The Faculty of Arts & Science reserves a limited number of seats in selected courses and sections for U of T Engineering students. If you plan to enrol in one of the courses below, you are strongly encouraged to do so when enrolment for these courses opens at 6 a.m. on July 19.

In some cases, as determined by U of T Engineering’s Registrar’s Office, unused seats will be returned to Arts & Science before the deadline to add or substitute courses.

A few more courses may be added, so please check back to confirm. For additional timetable information regarding the courses below, please visit the A&S timetable.

In the event that demand for the above course sections exceeds the number of spaces available, waitlists will be in effect until September 15 (F and Y courses) and January 14 (S courses). Please note that sections will be posted once they are confirmed.

Enrolment in all other Faculty of Arts & Science courses (including other sections of the above courses) will open to Engineering students on August 9 at 6 a.m.

Faculty of Arts & Science resources

If you are considering an Arts & Science course to fill an elective in your curriculum, consult the Arts & Science Academic Calendar. The Arts & Science Student Union publishes the “Anti-Calendar,” a collection of student evaluations of over 1,700 courses and instructors in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

While the best resource for understanding enrolment in Arts & Science courses is theFaculty of Arts & Science Registration Instructions & Timetable, the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering summarizes the most important conditions to choosing Arts & Science courses in the Guide to Taking Arts & Science Courses.

Understanding enrolment indicators and waiting lists

To avoid timetable conflicts, ensure you are familiar with your Engineering schedule before you choose Arts & Science courses. The Office of the Registrar cannot modify your Engineering schedule to accommodate your electives. The Faculty of Arts & Science explains enrolment indicators, enrolment controls and waiting lists in their registration handbook.

Enrolment and registration FAQs

I selected my technical electives during COS in March; however, I want to change a technical elective. Or I did not select a technical elective during COS. How can I add or change one?

You may add or drop technical electives on ACORN starting July 19 at 6:00 a.m.

How and when do I choose my HSS and CS electives?You may enrol in Arts & Science humanities and complementary studies courses in ACORN/ROSI on August 9 at 6 a.m. Certain HSS/CS electives offered by the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (e.g. APS and JRE courses), and Arts & Science courses from the Enhanced Enrolment list may be added earlier on July 19 at 6:00 a.m.

Which courses qualify as HSS and CS electives?

The Office of the Registrar maintains a list of approved HSS and CS courses; however, if there is a course you would like to take that’s not on the list, please consult your academic advisor to determine if you can use the course to complete your degree requirements. If a course is on the CS list but you feel it has significant humanities content, you may propose HSS list additions.

I’ve added a course through ACORN/ROSI but it has yet to appear on Blackboard. Why?

A 2-3 day delay between adding a course through ACORN/ROSI and it appearing on Blackboard is normal.

I’ve paid my fees before the deadline but ACORN/ROSI hasn’t changed my status to “Registered.” Why is this?It can take 3-5 business days for a payment to appear in ACORN/ROSI; if the payment was made outside of Canada, it can take as long as ten days to appear. Alternatively, you can also take proof of payment to the Office of the Registrar and be manually registered.

I’m starting my second year of engineering. Where do I go if I need academic advising?

Now that you’re an upper-year student, you should get to know your department’s undergraduate office and your new academic advisor.

Where can I get a copy of the Academic Calendar? The Faculty’s Academic Calendar is available online.

I’m receiving a scholarship. When do I get it and how does it affect registration?

Entrance or in-course scholarships will be applied to your account balance by early October. To register, you can deduct your scholarship from your tuition fees. For example, if you are receiving a $2,000 U of T scholarship, you may deduct the $2,000 from your minimum payment to register.

HSS/CS Elective FAQs

 Where can I find the current Arts & Science timetable? 

The Current Arts & Science timetable can be found at https://timetable.iit.artsci.utoronto.ca/

I am blocked from enrolment in an Arts & Science course.

If you are restricted access into an Arts & Science course, you should review the enrolment control legend to see if you are eligible to enrol in the course. The enrolment restriction legend can be found at http://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/course/timetable/1314_fw/codes-used-in-the-timetable-listing

 I would like to take a course as an HSS/CS elective and believe that it fulfills the requirements, but it is not included in the online List of Approved HSS/CS Courses.

If you wish to request for a course to be considered as an HSS/CS elective, you may complete an HSS/CS request form and submit it to the Faculty Registrar through email.

 I would like to take an online elective course to accommodate my academic schedule.

If you wish to enrol in an online course to accommodate your schedule, you can find a listing of online Arts & Science courses at http://onlinelearning.utoronto.ca/online-courses/#COC

I noticed that I was removed from a course into which I had enrolled earlier.

Please review course prerequisites prior to enrolment. If you do not meet course prerequisites, you may be removed from the course after enrolment.

 I have a schedule conflict between a Core Engineering course and an Arts & Science elective.

Course conflicts between Arts & Science electives and Core Engineering courses should be avoided. Engineering schedules may not be modified to accommodate conflicts with Arts & Science courses. Please consult your Engineering timetable prior to selecting elective courses: http://undergrad.engineering.utoronto.ca/academics-registration/course-timetables/

I am Graduating this year and urgently need an HSS/CS course to fulfill my program requirements.

If you are graduating in the current Academic Year and are unable to find an HSS/CS elective to fulfill program requirements, please contact your Academic Advisor immediately.

If you have additional questions or concerns, your Academic Advisor is here to help: http://uoft.me/academic-advising