Late Withdrawal from an Arts & Science Course

U of T Engineering has a process to help students, with the assistance of their Academic Advisors, to remedy situations (particularly during their first years of study) where personal or other circumstances mean the students have fallen behind in an HSS/CS/Free Elective courses in Faculty of Arts & Science.

A student pursuing an engineering degree may request to withdraw without petition from a total of no more than 3.0 FCEs of HSS/CS and Free Elective courses offered by Arts & Science, provided the request is made by the last day of term for the relevant course. This provision does not apply to courses offered by the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, including HSS/CS or free elective type courses offered by this Faculty.

Requests should be made through a student’s Academic Advisor who can approve such requests if the circumstances warrant approval of an exception to the normal drop deadlines.

Withdrawals approved under this procedure will be noted on the academic record by the course status “LWD” (Late Withdrawal). This course status will have no effect on GPA, sessional averages, or other elements of the academic record.

Students who have fallen behind with assignments or are not at all prepared to write exams in one or more of courses will be expected to make use of this remedy, and should contact their program office immediately.

Students seeking to use this remedy are expected to work with their Academic Advisor to analyze what led to their situation, discuss next steps and learn from their experiences.

Future petitions for final exam or special consideration will be considered in light of the fact that the student has previously been granted such an opportunity.

This remedy is only open to Degree students and not to non-degree or visiting students.


  • An advising appointment is a mandatory part of approving a student’s request for a LWD.
  • The advising appointment need not happen by the “last day of classes in the term,” but the student must have initiated contact with their Academic Advisor by that deadline. The advising appointment may happen later, but should occur soon enough for the student to divert study time to remaining courses.
  • While the student need not write a letter requesting and explaining the request, their Advisor may require this as part of the educative process.
  • Any course offered by Arts & Science is eligible for an LWD, even ones where all course elements have been completed before the final day of classes in the term.
  • The Faculty Registrar or Academic Advisor have the authority to approve or refuse such requests based on information provided. An LWD is not an automatic right available on demand by a student.
  • The agreed-upon threshold is that, if the course were to be completed, the final mark would have a “significant negative impact” on the student’s academic record, academic status or post-graduation plans.
  • LWD is not available by petition and will not be used as a reply to a petition for WDR.

To book an appointment to explore if an LWD is right for you, contact your Academic Advisor.

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